IBM Notes Alternatives

IBM Notes Alternatives 

Seeking for IBM Notes alternatives?
Where to go?

  • Alternative applications for Notes – complete corporate application platform

  • Migration process automation

  • IBM Domino integration and other features

    • SSO with IBM Notes or authentication against IBM Domino server
    • file store (MS Office, PDF etc.) and access control (authors / readers)
    • smart fulltext search
    • IMAP integration, mail-in feature
    • MS Office and PDF output
  • 1. Application migration 

    We’ve chosen Vaadin application platform as a replacement for Notes applications. It is in Java, so quite close to Notes Xpages and overall development proccess is more like standard desktop application. See our reasons for that choice.  

  • 2. Notes data migration

    Comming from Notes we seek document oriented database with the ability to store files and rich texts. And also with more sophisticated search features. And fast too! MongoDB and Elasticsearch couple suites those needs very well. We are using our own tools to synchronize data between Notes and these databases. 

  • ln_to_monfodb_01

  • 3. Email migration

    Mail system is always customer’s choice. Nowadays all mail platforms offer the ability to access their data by IMAP, LDAP or make some modifications to mail clients, like adding the custom buttons etc. . Look here for some solutions. 

  • 4. Move Notes client’s applications to Xpages

    With the wide spread of browser as a client application platform, some companies don’t leave Notes entirely but only move their Notes client’s based applications to web. Here Xpages are good choice and we made a bunch of applications in Xpages so far.