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We are international software company

Since its beginning, TCL DigiTrade puts emphasis on flexibility, speed and complex solutions for maximum customer satisfaction. Years of experience, market orientation and individual approach to clients bring dozens of satisfied customers. These include both large and smaller companies such as CitiBank, TEVA, Honeywell, Dalkia, K4, RWE, Ahold, Media Marketing Services, CS Cabot and others. We have our customers also abroad. We can mention, for example, London firm Tri-continental, for which we provide the entire system, including IBM Notes and technical support. Other customers we have in Germany, USA, Canada, Mexico, Africa, etc.

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 Founded in 1996, TCL-DigiTrade has rapidly grown to a company with very highly skilled and motivated staff.

 With the recent merger with Tri-continental Ltd., a large U.K based IT Solution provider; TCL-DigiTrade has expanded its horizons to offer world class IT services.

We are IBM Business Partner.