NET.Notes EVENTS serves as a full featured software system that supports events organization of any kind … including sports, school, public or private events. NET.Notes EVENTS is available with a cloud or on-premise installation options.  EVENTS allows a common team of people to collaborate on event organization using a tasks, by sharing files and making the comments. EVENTS statistics give a great overview on EVENTS progress in time. You can print EVENTS details to PDF and share it to the others. 

Main features included:

  • seamless tasks organization
  • integrated calendar with status warnings
  • integrated GTD® system (Get Things Done®)
  • calendar view with to-do list
  • address book available with company’s and person’s details
  • multiple users collaboration on one Event
NET.Notes EVENTS DEMO is available for immediate testing  here . DEMO is full featured working application with test data. You can search, add new or edit existing items as in the full version.

30-days FREE version available.
Features / restrictions available in FREE version:
  • full featured application with no restrictions
  • limit to 1 EVENT only
  • attachments maximum size 10 MB
To register visit the appropriate page here. Enter registration information and submit, then you receive email with confirmation link.


1) You can create EVENTS item of any kind – sports, private or public event


2. Then you can add to-dos with due dates, responsible person specification or with a budget:


3. After that you can maintain  to-dos progress using Calendar or GTD®:


Everything is seamlessly organized and available to not forget anything important. You can invite a new users to collaborate on by adding / solving to-dos, adding comments and share their knowledge. This creates the one place for the large team collaboration. 

If the event is repeating character, you can create a new EVENT copy next time with all the to-dos, responsible people and other related information. Then you can reschedule the deadlines to reflect the entire EVENT schedule.