What is NET.Notes?

NET.Notes is a simple and transparent web / mobile application used to manage contacts , activities , project management and many other business related agendas. It is based on a design that enables advanced features and capabilities while remaining modern, intuitive and user-friendly as possible, whether you open it on your computer or on portable devices tablet or smartphone …

What you can do with NET.Notes?

In NET.Notes you find the contact details of companies and individuals, with offers, contracts, purchase orders, in one place – including all attachments, and many other documents. Individual modules can be chosen according to the needs. The system clearly imposes different types of records and documents, allowing their approval, assignment, commenting, sharing. Records can be linked to a customer project, the contract, to the person and therefore are always quicky tracked.  

Several features worth noting

    • user interface lets you browse all from a single browser window
    • work area is sensitive and adapts to the user’s screen resolution or device that uses
    • each link will open in a new tab but if it is already open page it wont open again but it will open the existing
    • top right corner of the screen is used as an “information center” that is constantly updated to reflect the latest changes throughout the application
    • the whole environment supports multilingualism


Where to learn more about NET.Notes?
Detailed information about the system can be found on these pages. To learn about the basic control applications, click here. The functions of the individual modules are described here, while examples of NET.Notes use can be seen at this place.