Global search

Information system in general is always composed of many different data. When browsing we usually know what information we search for. If you are looking for an address you search in address book. If you are looking for a project, you are searching in the list of projects. However there can be situations where we are wondering where the search because the term can appears in different modules. For example, we are interested in a particular company, but not only in the address book, but also in projects and activities. NET.Notes is using the product ElasticSearch for multidatabase search, in which we retrieve the data from the entire NET.Notes. Search can be done in several databases at once and it can combine the results, as shown in the screenshot below.

The screenshot shows that:

  • different types of items are colored differently
  • by module check boxes we can narrow the search to the selected database
  • numbers by check box inform us about the number of records found in the database