The following modules are just some of the possibilities of working with the system NET.Notes. According to user requirements or anticipated use is already possible to modify existing modules or create new user disigned…

Contact List
The contact list is actually a list of companies and individuals. The record of company can assign with people and their contact information. Companies can displayd alphabetically or by type, business manager and also they are searchable. Furthermore, at company or a person you can find a list of all activities and projects related to them.


One of the interesting parts of the system NET.Notes module implements a methodology of work called GTD (get things done). Our intention was to create a user-friendly interface that will allow intuitive work and through which a typical user will be able to streamline their day’s work, regardless of the industry in which it operates. 

Activities are the records of all the activities that took place with the company or the project. They may be contracts, offers, orders, communications, information … They can come in the form of emails, phone calls, letters.All this can be found just in this module. Neatly sorted according to company data, the author and search options.


Dashboard – or opening work desktop is opening tab of NET.Notes. The user in this tab gets aggregated information from the system. The entire dashboard is divided into blocks whose contents can be modified via local menu. Individual blocks of dashboard are customer configurable and the information contained there reflects widely used modules of the system.

The calendar in NET.Notes system is integrated with single modules. Its purpose is to display the entries of activities, which can be connected to company, projects, orders etc. Just set calendar date on activity/task


Project Management with the break on each phase including all possible documents that are linked to the project. You can manage your business opportunities, new product on the market, opening branches abroad and deployment of a new information system. Everything is in one place, accessible from anywhere.

Tasks are special types of activity, which are within the system of NET.Notes taken to separated left navigation. Tasks are activities that are expecte concrete solution to change it to “Complete”. Part of the day’s work is so user to watch what tasks awaits only for him for the right solution. Tasks are simply all not finished activities.


board is a place where you can place your message or notice to all users of the system, or limited, select group of people. On board you can “pin” information not only purely working, but even the less official. There you can hang the latest financial results of the company or publish an invitation to cultural or sporting events, depends only on your inventiveness.

Management of contracts to customers with the possibility of evidence related activities and economic information such as turnover. Contracts have their duty manager and status of implementation. This information allows you to create aggregated subsequent reports.