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  • Spring Boot and Login Listener

    There are many situations when we are required to listen for successful login event. To store last login information, to manage some post login account handling … it’s quite easy to do by following Spring Boot way. Spring Boot internals gather application listener beans (we must inherit ApplicationListener<InteractiveAuthenticationSuccessEvent> here and annotate as @Component) during startup. […]

  • Spring Boot: Active Directory authentication

    Spring Boot offers a wide range of authentication options through Spring Security module. We usually use custom authentication code that finds username/password in database (preferring MongoDB) and do proper authentication. In some cases, based on company accounts handling culture, there is a request to authenticate users based on existing Active Directory accounts. When digging around […]

  • Notes data on Android mobile …and offline

    How to get data from your Notes database to Android mobiles and use them offline? That was a task which we need to solve in recent days. Users should be able to edit and save their contacts, activities on Android mobiles and then send them back to Notes database. But not only texts, numbers, dates […]

  • Change your Domino into SQL

    We bring you a presentation from SUTOL conference in which we focused on creating dynamic charts from Notes data using AlaSQL javascript library. Do you need to group your Notes data according your criteria? Do you want to filter out specific documents? Do you like to see records within the time range you specify? Basically, […]

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