NET.Notes: Typeahead search

For the purposes of intelligent search NET.Notes uses a product called ElasticSearch . This is a very popular and fast full-text search engine that got many specialized features. We are trying to add as many as possible of them to NET.Notes to improve its functionality.

During normal typing in the search box it can be very helpful when it displays actual available results. Additionally, in NET.Notes, we are able to search across multiple databases simultaneously and system can displayed continuously detected values for each database. In the screenshot below you can see how such elasticsearch might look like in a real environment.

  • during the typing of a search term, list of hits appears, divided into sections according to the type of data
  • each item search suggestions are ‘clickable links’, so it is possible to open the record immediately, if it corresponds to what we are looking for
  • in the list of found items search term is highlighted  for quick reference