• NET.Notes EVENTS – Tabbed User Interface Principles

    The overall user interface is based on tabs. New item, view or any existing items are opened in the new tabs. User stays on the same screen where different information is available using simple tabs navigation. The concept of workspace with tabs creates very consistent and easy to understand user interface. Tabs offer the following features: tabs are […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Administration

    There are selected users assigned with Administration role in the system. Such special users can enable Administration option in the menu. When enabled, some additional menu items and form tabs appear to such users allowing them maintain the system. Admin users can add new users to NET.Notes EVENTS, assign particular AccessControl information for users and […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Events Templates

    Making a new Event from the scratch can be a quite tedious task. For repeating events or more general purpose events NET.Notes EVENTS comes with concept of event templates. When making a new Event, user can use 3 different template sources: custom event templates Event templates created by owner (company) itself. Such templates are available […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Notifications

    Quick and precise information is key for succesful Event organization. How do I get to know someone has created a new important todo for upcoming Event? What happened on the Event during my week long vacation? Several information channels are available for users: Timeline Timeline is perfect system overview available for each particular day. Is there […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Native Mobile Companion App

    Mobile application allows you to work off-line with events, tasks, companies and contacts. When connected to the internet data are synchronized and by this they can be accessible without connection. Data are read only. Mobile application features: see events, tasks, contacts without internet connection tasks contain detailed description call contact directly from the application send […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Help System

    There are two options available in “NET.Notes EVENTS” that help users to understand each part of the entire application. Both are available from top-right menu: Help – this option activates in-line help integrated into “NET.Notes EVENTS” . Small bulb symbol appears around the particular parts of the entire system. Clicking on the symbol opens the […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Dashboard

    “NET.Notes EVENTS” workspace manages tabs user interface for convenient work. The very first tab contains Dashboard. Here we can see all significant information all together. The four basic panels are available here: EVENTS: active events with progress information, overall number of related todos and todos behind the schedule in red What is planed: calendar view displays […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Budget

    Every todo item contains the tab titled as ‘Budget’.  User can optionally enter the budget type and price information here. Budget information from individual todos is displayed on EVENT page with subtotals and total value providing overall EVENT financial overview. Budget is also avilable in PDF export output.

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Calendar

    Calendar helps users to organize their todos based on date and time. Simply assign the date and time to your todo and it will appear in the calendar. Calendar features available: views by day, weeks and months new todo can be created in calendar by one simple click drag and drop support for easy todo […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – GTD®

    GTD® (Getting Things Done® ) is a well-known methodology that helps us to group to-do items into particular sections / groups and then move to-dos forth and back based on their progress. Defined by GTD® methodology we can use the following basic sections (the section usage/naming depends completely on user and particular GTD® board can manage different sections […]