NET.Notes EVENTS – Events Templates

Making a new Event from the scratch can be a quite tedious task. For repeating events or more general purpose events NET.Notes EVENTS comes with concept of event templates. When making a new Event, user can use 3 different template sources:

  • custom event templates
    Event templates created by owner (company) itself. Such templates are available for any further Event organization.

  • system event templates
    Templates created and maintained by NET.Notes EVENTS authors. General purpose templates covering different types of usage.

  • archived  events
    All passed Events are archived manualy by administrator. Such archived events are available as a templates for new future events.

When creating a new Event from the selected template all descriptions, todos and related information are being copied to new Event. Then users can add new todos, remove obsolete items or change everything else. Concept of templates encourages high level of event reusability.


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