April 2015

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  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Calendar

    Calendar helps users to organize their todos based on date and time. Simply assign the date and time to your todo and it will appear in the calendar. Calendar features available: views by day, weeks and months new todo can be created in calendar by one simple click drag and drop support for easy todo […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – GTD®

    GTD® (Getting Things Done® ) is a well-known methodology that helps us to group to-do items into particular sections / groups and then move to-dos forth and back based on their progress. Defined by GTD® methodology we can use the following basic sections (the section usage/naming depends completely on user and particular GTD® board can manage different sections […]

  • NET.Notes EVENTS – Overview

    “NET.Notes EVENTS” serves as a full featured software system that supports events organization of any kind … including sports, school, public or private events. The heart of “NET.Notes EVENTS” is the event card that concentrates all significant features including: sections – todo’s list is sorted out into sections. Sections reflect event logic and help us […]