NET.Notes EVENTS – Overview

“NET.Notes EVENTS” serves as a full featured software system that supports events organization of any kind … including sports, school, public or private events. The heart of “NET.Notes EVENTS” is the event card that concentrates all significant features including:

  • sections – todo’s list is sorted out into sections. Sections reflect event logic and help us to separate particular events. User can move todos among sections using drag&drop. Entire sections can be reorganized on the screen the same way .
  • single line with a todo displays some significant information: subject, manager name, due date. By using a single click we can display and edit the todo in modal window.
  • when todo list  grows up, we can filter the todos list on the screen by several criteria including ownership or status information
  • statistics panel displays aggregated data like number of todos, number of closed todos etc. for this particular event
  • each todo item optionally contains budget information. Subtotals and total value is displayed in todo list.
  • to take event with you or to send event details to some other people we can print event data to PDF format. We can then print it or send by email.