GTD – Get-Things-Done in NET.Notes

One of the interesting part of NET.Notes is a methodology of work called GTD (get things done). Our intention was to create a user-friendly interface that will allow intuitive work and through which a typical user will be able to streamline their day’s work, regardless of the industry in which it operates. 

Few basic information:

  • each user can create multiple workspaces (desktop)
  • each workspace (desktop) can contain several sections
  • the desktop can be assigned to the project – a project can be connected to multiple desktops. Separate work area may exist eg. for the various phases of the project
  • desktop can be shared by multiple users, user can invite other users to collaborate
  • individual sections of the working area have their name and color and allow you to add various activities and filter existing activities in the section
  • activities placed in the appropriate sections of the working area are quickly editable, may contain a term which are tracked in the related calendar